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I Found Kittens! Now What???

What To Do When You Find Stray Kittens

Ask these two questions before bringing stray kittens indoors and into an animal shelter.

Are their surroundings safe and free from traffic?

Do the kittens appear healthy and warm?

If the answers to these questions are ‘yes,’ their mother is likely around and is taking great care of them. Mama cats frequently leave their kittens in a safe place while out hunting for food. If you do not see a mother nearby, keep and eye on the kittens from a distance for several hours to see if their mother returns. Mom may be too nervous to approach with you close by, so ensure that you are watching the kittens from a distance. If the mother returns to her healthy and safe kittens, they should stay where they are. Provide food, water, and shelter for the family. When the kittens are about eight weeks old, the entire family can begin the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) process. Call us at Saving Grace to learn more.

If the kittens are cold, dirty, or in immediate danger, the best thing to do is to remove them from their current environment. This could mean bringing them into an animal shelter, finding a rescue group to take them in, or caring for them on your own. If you live in Douglas County and opt to bring them into the shelter, they may be eligible for our foster program. Learn more about our Foster to Surrender Program by clicking here or call us to learn more! If you are willing to care for the kittens in your home until they are old enough to be adopted, Saving Grace will help find them new loving homes. For detailed information about caring for underage kittens, click here. To become a bottle baby foster for Saving Grace, click here.

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