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The Henry Fund

The Henry Fund, previously known as the Angel Fund, provides funding to help families who need a little extra help to keep their pets in their homes. This fund was started with a donation provided by the Jamie Brianna Legacy Foundation and has also been funded by Saving Grace volunteers. The Henry Fund is named in memory of Henry, a dog who was adopted from Saving Grace by one of our long time volunteers and who recently passed away. The Henry Fund provides assistance with pet rental deposits, spay/neuter and vaccinations, one time surgeries such as amputations, pet food and supplies, training and when possible, assistance with building a fence or providing an outdoor enclosure. The Henry Fund is limited and help is provided on a case by case basis. We prioritize situations where the pet can only stay in the home if they receive assistance. If you are interested in donating to the fund, please visit our donation page or send a check and make a note.

Heidi, pictured below, kept escaping her yard. Her family couldn't afford a fence and thought they had no other choice but to surrender her. They were devastated. Because Saving Grace was able to provide an outdoor enclosure they were able to keep Heidi in their home and we prevented one more dog from becoming homeless!

This little girl was recently diagnosed with ADHD. Her Mom, Krystal, got her a cat to help her with her anxiety. The apartment complex they live in requires pets to be spayed or neutered and vaccinated. Krystal could not afford to have the cat spayed and wasn't sure what to do. She couldn't take the cat away from her daughter, she was too important! When she heard about Saving Grace's spay/neuter clinic she was overjoyed. She was able to have the kitty fixed and vaccinated for just $25. Krystal said this about her daughter's cat, "having something more her own instead of sharing with her siblings will help her to know her value and importance as a person."

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