Mobile Pet Food Bank

We have all been there. Some months are harder than others, especially during these unprecedented times. The team at Saving Grace wants to keep as many pets in their homes and out of the shelter as possible, and one of the easiest ways we can help do that is by ensuring that no pet in our county goes hungry. Sometimes, providing dog or cat food can make the difference between a person having to feed themselves or feed their pets (they always choose their pets!). We want to make sure that here in Douglas County, people do not have to make that decision. That's why there are no requirements for this program. Anyone in need is eligible. Our new Mobile Pet Food Bank is open every 1st Saturday from 12pm - 2pm and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 12-1pm in Stewart Park.

If you are not able to join us in the park, or if you need food sooner, please email or call us and we will make arrangements to get food to you. We are working to create partnerships with local human food banks and other social service providers to make sure that everyone in need is able to receive assistance. To learn more, email To donate to this program, click Donate Now in the top right corner of the page and include Food Bank in the comments. To volunteer, visit our Volunteer page and sign up! Thank you!

Donations Needed!
Please drop off dog or cat food at Saving Grace Tues - Sat between 9am and 5pm.