Foster to Surrender

The Foster-to-Surrender program keeps high-risk animals out of the shelter until they are ready for adoption by empowering the public to become temporary fosters or either their own kittens or kittens that they may have found. This additionally frees up a shelter foster family to help more pets that have no other options.


This program also gives us the opportunity to provide kittens and their mother with preventive care, such as a vaccine, flea treatment and dewormer, before they enter the shelter and are ready for their spay/neuter surgeries. If needed, we can also provide food, litter, supplies and any needed medications – everything you’ll need to care for the animals until it is time to come back to the shelter.


We want ALL of your kittens to come back to us for adoption – even if you identify good homes! This is so we can make sure everyone is healthy and spayed/neutered (including Mama!) before officially leaving to their forever homes.


All kittens adopted from Saving Grace are spayed/neutered, receive vaccinations appropriate for their age, dewormer, flea treatment, treatment for ear mites if necessary, and a microchip that will be registered for no additional cost at the time of adoption. With the adoption, the adopter also receives a free wellness exam within 10 business days of the adoption at participating vet clinics.


As a thank you for your time and assistance getting these kitties ready for adoption, we would like to offer you, your friends and family $20 off the adoption fee of the kittens you have been caring for. If you or someone you know wants to adopt please inform the Saving Grace staff at the time your foster kittens return for their surgery date to receive this discount.

Call 541-672-3907 or email to learn more and sign up!

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