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If you need to surrender a dog...

We are currently accepting dogs for surrender via our waitlist. If you need to surrender your dog, please contact us at and we will get back to you within two days. We may be able to help with providing resources for you to keep your dog, so please ask if you think you may be able to keep your dog! If you would like to rehome your dog on your own, please visit to learn more about rehoming directly without bringing your pet to the shelter! 

If you have found a stray dog...

If you have found a stray dog and are able to keep them for at least 48 hours, they have a 70% higher chance of finding their way home! If you need supplies or help with printing found posters, Saving Grace can help! Please email for assistance. If you have found a stray dog, please ask neighbors if they recognize the dog, hang found posters in a 5 block radius, post to social media and Craigslist and fill out a found report on our website here. 
If you cannot keep the dog, please try giving us a call but feel free to bring the dog to us if you cannot reach us.

If you would like to adopt a dog...

We have lots of wonderful dogs waiting for you! Please click here and scroll to the bottom for more info!  You may also come and meet any of our dogs Tues - Sat between noon and 6:30pm. Please call in advance if you see a dog who is in foster care so that we may set up a time for them to come in. 


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