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Why DONATE To Saving Grace

Saving Grace is Douglas County’s only animal shelter, providing shelter, food and medical care to thousands of animals each year. Beyond the basics, each animal receives compassionate care from our staff and volunteers while they wait to be reunited with their families or to find a new home. Warm blankets, toys and treats, time spent socializing with caring people; all are a part of the animals’ experience at Saving Grace.

We need your help to provide for the daily care and feeding of the animals who need us. You may not realize that our contract with the county provides only 16% of our operating budget. Shelter fees cover another 25%, and the balance is raised through donations, grants and fundraising efforts.

Your donation to Saving Grace stays in the community to help animals in need. 

Saving Grace is extremely efficient, spending only 10% of operating expense on administration and fundraising.  We understand that the animals' needs come first and make sure your donations provide maximum care for the animals you care about.

Will you help? The animals are counting on us!

The Value of a Contribution to Saving Grace


$10: Vaccinates one pet
$20: Provides dewormer and flea treatment for a dog
$50: Spays or Neuters a cat before adoption
$75: Neuters a small dog
$100: Provides medical supplies for one day
$200: Provides shelter cleaning supplies for 10 days
$250: Vaccinates 25 pets
$500: Spays 10 cats
$1,750: Provides medications & medical supplies for a month
$2,250: Operates the shelter for one day

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Memorials & Tributes

Your gift is a meaningful way to honor or remember a person, pet, or special occasion.  Each tribute gift in memory or honor of a pet or loved one helps Saving Grace achieve our mission of saving thousands of animal lives every year.

With a tribute gift, Saving Grace with notify your special loved one of your thoughtfulness.  Saving Grace tribute gifts are a wonderful way to:

  • Remember a loved one or a cherished pet

  • Celebrate any special occasion - birthday, wedding, etc.

  • Give the perfect gift to someone who has "everything"

  • Honor your mom on Mother's Day or your dad on Father's Day

  • Warm your sweetie's heart on Valentine's Day

A gift to the animals is truly a caring tribute.

If you include with your gift a family member's contact information, we will gladly notify the family of your thoughtfulness.


Support the animals through a sponsorship, and Saving Grace will display a ceramic sponsorship tile in our shelter.  You can recognize your family, pet, or loved one with a tile.  It’s a great way to show you care for the thousands of animals who come to Saving Grace every year.  Click here for a sponsorship order form. 

Sponsorships can be paid annually, quarterly or monthly.

Thrift Store

Saving Grace Thrift Store has closed, but we formed a partnership with Sunrise Shop & Save. Take your donations of gently used clothing and household items to any Sunrise Shop & Save and let them know it's to benefit Saving Grace. Your donations can still support the animals!

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Or if you prefer, you may mail your donation to

Saving Grace
PO Box 803
Winchester, OR 97495

Saving Grace, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  Federal Tax ID 93-1318052.

Estate Planning, Workplace Contributions, & more!
Planned Giving / Estate Planning

Making a planned gift to Saving Grace is a meaningful way to carry forward your compassion and concern for animals.  We would be glad to discuss any planned giving option with you - in confidence and without obligation.

Bequests are a great way to support a beloved organization.  Many people would like to help but feel they cannot afford to make such a gift today. A bequest by will is a unique way to ensure that our work will continue into the future. Donors can specify a dollar amount or a percentage of assets in their will, designating a particular program at Saving Grace or leaving the gift to be used where it is needed most at the discretion of our Board of Directors.

Beneficiary designations are another easy way to give future gifts. Simply name Saving Grace, Inc.

(Tax ID 93-1318052) as the beneficiary of the account. This can be done for retirement accounts, bank accounts and life insurance policies.

If you name Saving Grace as a beneficiary of your will or account, please let us know so that we can express our appreciation for your thoughtfulness. If you would like assistance or need additional information, please contact Megan at ext. 120 or

BottleDrop Give

With the opening of the new BottleDrop location in Roseburg, redemption of returnable bottles and cans just got easier—as did supporting Saving Grace! You can fill BottleDrop bags at home with all types of deposit containers to drop off at any time.

Collect deposit cans and bottles in blue BottleDrop bags, pre-labeled with Saving Grace’s account tag. Bags are available at the shelter and from Package Depot, 1224 Walnut Street, Roseburg. Plastic, aluminum, or glass Oregon deposit containers can all be placed in the same bag. Drop off your bag at the new BottleDrop center at 740 NE Garden Valley Blvd., Roseburg. The barcode from the blue bag tag will open a secure drop door from 6 am-10 pm. BottleDrop staff will count the containers and the refund will show up in our account! It’s that simple!

BottleDrop green bags are available for personal accounts. You can donate your refunds from your personal BottleDrop account to Saving Grace by transferring the money between accounts online.

Workplace Giving

Do you own a business or work in a business that would be willing to host a Saving Grace donation jar?  A small collection jar on your counter to accept customers' change and donations can change lives here at the shelter.  If your business would like to host a donations jar, please contact us at 541-672-3907 ext 120.

Amazon Smile

Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organizations selected by customers. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service.

Support the pets at Saving Grace by going to Sign in with your Amazon account and select Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center as your charity of choice. That’s it! Then, every time you shop, Amazon makes a donation to support the pets at Saving Grace. (Sorry, AmazonSmile and Amazon Prime benefits cannot be used simultaneously.)

Rewards Programs

Do you shop at Fred Meyer, ShopSmart or Ray's Food Place?

If you shop at any of these stores, it’s easy to support the pets at Saving Grace! All you have to do is link your store rewards card to Saving Grace. Visit the customer service desk to designate Saving Grace as your charity of choice. 

That's it! Then whenever you use your rewards card, you will be helping Saving Grace earn a donation.

Adopt-a-Cat Scratchers

Not able to adopt a new kitty? Looking for an easy way to support the kitties awaiting forever homes at our shelter? Imperial Cat will ship a case of 20 Adopt-a-Cat Scratchers to Saving Grace for only $25 with free shipping!

The shelter environment can be extremely stressful to cats! Scratching helps alleviate stress and boredom, but it also allows the cat to stretch its muscles, keep its claws honed and healthy, and marks its territory both visually and through scent -- all basic instinctual needs.

To Order:

Call: 1-800-783-0977 (ask for Kristie)


Saving Grace's shipping address is:
450 Old Del Rio Road
Roseburg, OR 97471

450 Old Del Rio Rd Roseburg, OR 97471

(541) 672-3907

Open Noon - 5pm Tuesday - Saturday. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

EIN -93-1318052

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