Our Services
Image by Justin Veenema
Our Services

We are an open-admission animal shelter that cares for the animals of Douglas County. We provide the following services: 


  • Sheltering for stray animals found in Douglas County.

  • Sheltering for pets of Douglas County residents whose families are no longer able to care for them and relinquish ownership of the pet to Saving Grace.

  • Sheltering for pets removed from their home or owners by law enforcement officers.

  • Adoptions

  • Trap-Neuter-Release for colonies of feral cats in Douglas County (Due to Covid Restrictions, This Service is Temporarily Unavailable)

  • Return To Field for healthy stray cats.

  • Maintain reports for lost and found pets in Douglas County.

  • Resource for information and advice to keep pets happy and healthy in their homes. 

  • Free Mobile Pet Food Bank every 3rd Wednesday and 1st Saturday of the month in Stewart Park. 

Saving Grace is currently able to offer affordable spay/neuter every Wednesday by appointment only. Affordable spay/neuter is offered for dogs and cats belonging to people who are receiving some form of government assistance. Please call for more information 541-672-3907 or click here to request an appointment for a dog, and here for a cat.